Retreads by Select Gomme

Thanks to our strong cooperation with the best-known and most specialised tyre retreading companies, we also offer our customers the opportunity to purchase tyres that have already been retreaded through the use of our own casings, obtained either by hot or cold retreading.

Why choose retreads?

Select gomme operates in full compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability, actively participating in the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 particle emissions, while at the same time promoting the saving of natural resources such as oil and steel – which would be used in a different production process.

It is actually important to remember that retreading/regenerating a tyre for medium-sized commercial vehicles requires about 68 litres of oil less than producing a new tyre with the same quality, safety and performance. Last year, in Italy, the use of retreaded tyres saved a total of almost 50 million euros. This reuse system has also allowed: a reduction in energy consumption of 21.1 million litres of oil equivalent; a saving of 15,600 tonnes of raw materials; the avoidance of 18,719 tonnes of used tyres and 8,268 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the environment (data provided by AIRP Italian Tyre Retreaders Association).

The final users of the retreaded/regenerated tyre are mostly Italian road haulage operators, as it is mainly used in both private and public fleets of commercial vehicles and buses.